Eton Wick Parish Churchyard Fund
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About Us Eton Wick Parish Churchyard Fund

The Fund was created in 1973 by Frank Bond, and the incumbent vicar, Alan Paice. As with many other local churchyards Eton Wick's had become overgrown and neglected, to the point where one felt sorry for pall bearers negotiating their way to a grave through the undergrowth! Since 1973 the Fund has maintained the Churchyard at no cost to the Church.  The Fund operates through a committee who are elected once a year, normally during April, by all attendees at the AGM, providing they are local residents.

We have worked for years, both supporting the Church in maintaining the churchyard, and we in turn have been supported by annual donations from both the Methodist and Catholic churches in the village. We have also had massive support from villagers for our fundraising events, which range from tomato plant sales, to Bingo nights, to outrageous 'sixties nights' in recent years, thank you for all your help.

The fund in essence shows the nature of our village, we all pitch in where there is something that needs sorting out, long may it continue, but we should not forget that our churchyard is also the only one now available to residents of Eton, theirs having been closed some years ago.